When shooting someone to death isn't quite enough, and you need to blow them apart as well; Call the Arcane Archer!


The Arcane archer (sometimes known as a 'Spell-slinger'), is a powerful scholar and warrior, who has seen the terrors of the eldritch and magical, and has sought to use it's power to their own ends. They often act as demon hunters, firing deadly spells from their ranged weapons, or assassins, using their mastery of magic to make shots, impossible to those without an in-depth knowledge of the supernatural powers of the world.

Path Features:


At 3rd level, your mastery of scholarly magic requires you to bypass conventional ranger wisdom and rely on the knowledge that you have ascertained from studying spell-books and other texts. From this point on, you must use Intelligence, rather than Wisdom as your spell-casting ability.
From this point on, you have access to the Wizard Spell List, in addition to the Ranger Spell list, and may replace any spells taken so far. Refer to the Ranger table in your Players Hand Book for your spell slots and spell level as before.
A ranged spell attack uses your ranged weapon as a spell-casting focus.

Enchanted Ammunition:

Starting at level 7, you learn how to weave your magic into mundane ammunition, allowing you loose shots that defy explanation. These feats are fueled by special dice called Enchantment dice. You have four enchantment dice, which are d8s. Enchantment dice are expended when you use one to perform special actions. You regain all of your expended enchantment dice when you finish a short or long rest.
You may learn three Enchanted shots to spend your enchantment dice on, and may only perform one per attack.
The following are a list of Enchanted shots that the Arcane Archer may attempt, expending enchantment dice to do so:

- Armour Piercing Charge: You focus your magical energy into one straight shot, allowing you to add your Enchantment dice roll to the attack roll.
- Anchoring Shot: You loose a ranged attack which carries a magical chain or tether behind it, which binds your foe! When you hit a creature with a ranged attack, you can expend an enchantment dice to attempt to bind your target. You add your dice roll to the attack damage and the creature must pass a Strength check vs your spell save or be bound until the end of your next turn.
- Elemental Strike: You expend one of your enchantment dice to wreath one of your ranged attacks in elemental magic. Your attack deals an additional enchantment dice worth of damage in the form of either Fire, Frost, Acid, Lightning or Thunder damage.
- Enchanted Missile: You expend one of your enchantment dice to fire a shot emblazoned with magical energy; it tears through the air, weaving out of the way of objects and allies alike as if sentient, before reaching it's target. Your next ranged attack has advantage to hit, and can strike opponents behind cover as if they were in plain view. If your attack roll hits, add your enchantment dice to the damage.
- Magnetic wave: You may use a reaction to expend an enchantment dice to attempt to catch an incoming projectile with a wall of magnetic force. When you do so, the damage from the incoming attack is reduced by your enchantment dice roll + your Int mod + your Ranger level. If this number reduces the damage to zero, the projectile hovers harmlessly in front of your face.
If you successfully hold a projectile in your magnetic field, you may expend another enchantment dice to fire it as an accessory to one of your ranged attacks on your turn. Simply spend an enchantment dice, and add the damage of the held projectile to your ranged attack.
- Multi-shot: You fire a ranged weapon attack and your ammunition diverts into multiple shards, exploding towards different opponents. Roll your action dice and half the result (rounding down); this is how many targets you may hit with this attack. roll to hit each target, and damage accordingly. This attack must be used on multiple opponents rather than one.
- Shock-wave strike: You fill your ranged weapon attack with magical force, repelling your target on a successful hit. If your attack hits, add your enchantment dice to the attack's damage roll. If the target is large or smaller, it must make a Strength saving throw. On a failed save, it is knocked back 15 feet away.
- Spell snipe: When you make a ranged weapon attack on your turn, you can expend one enchantment dice to increase your range by 100 feet for that attack. If you hit, add the enchantment dice to the attack's damage roll.

Improved Enchanter:

At 11th level your enchantment dice become D10's and all normal ranged attacks count as magical for reference with resistances.


At 15th level, you gain two more enchantment dice and two more enchanted shots.