Often found in the backpacks of hardy adventurers; these potions are almost a necessity for those traveling into the more hazardous places of the world. These potions cost roughly 200-250gold each and can be sold for half as much.

  • Inferno formula-  (1 action. Thrown/fired. Ingredients; phosphorus, jet, coal, ethanol. Lasts 1 minute) You create a wall of fire on a solid surface within range. You can make the wall up to 60 feet long, 20 feet high, and 1 foot thick, or a ringed wall up to 20 feet in diameter, 20 feet high, and 1 foot thick. The wall is opaque and lasts for the duration. When the wall appears, each creature within its area must make a Dexterity saving throw. On a failed save, a creature takes 5d8 fire damage, or half as much damage on a successful save. One side of the wall, selected by you when you brew this concoction, deals 5d8 fire damage to each creature that ends its turn within 10 feet of that side or inside the wall. A creature takes the same damage when it enters the wall for the first time on a turn or ends its turn there. The other side of the wall deals no damage. (Bomb)

  • Liquid luck- (1 action. Consumed. Ingredients; Ashwinder egg, Squill bulb, Murtlap tentacle, Tincture of thyme, Occamy eggshell, Powdered common rue.) This potion bestows hope and good fortune to those that drink it. The potion tastes of rose water and summer fruits, and grants the imbiber D3 inspiration points to spend however they choose. (Potion)

  • Mermaid's kiss- (1 action. Consumed. Ingredients; Mermaid scales, pearl shavings. Lasts 24 hours) You brew a batch of a blue, viscous fluid which causes up to 10 creatures to grow gills scales and webbed appendages. After consuming this concoction, the imbibers can breathe underwater and can swim 60 feet per action. (Mutagen)

  • Toxic miasma- (1 action. Thrown/fired. Ingredients; rotten eggs, skunk cabbage leaves. Lasts 1 minute) You create a 20-foot-radius sphere of yellow, nauseating gas centered on a point within range. The cloud spreads around corners, and its area is heavily obscured. The cloud lingers in the air for the duration. Each creature that is completely within the cloud at the start of its turn must make a Constitution saving throw against poison. On a failed save, the creature spends its action that turn retching and reeling. Creatures that don’t need to breathe or are immune to poison automatically succeed on this saving throw. A moderate wind (at least 10 miles per hour) disperses the cloud after 4 rounds. A strong wind (at least 20 miles per hour) disperses it after 1 round. (Poison)

  • Fear Gas- (1 action. Self (30-foot cone). Contains a white feather or the heart of a hen). Lasts 1 minute)

    Each creature in a 30-foot cone is drenched in a thick fog that activates the section of the brain that experiences fear and must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or drop whatever it is holding and become frightened for the duration.

    While frightened by this concoction, a creature must take the Dash action and move away from you by the safest available route on each of its turns, unless there is nowhere to move. If the creature ends its turn in a location where it doesn’t have line of sight to you, the creature can make a Wisdom saving throw. On a successful save, the effect ends for that creature. (Poison)

  • Druid's blessing- (1 action or 8 hour. Thrown/Fired/Poured. Contains the mulch that cultivates in the pockets of a druid. Instantaneous)

    This potion channels vitality into plants within a specific area. There are two possible uses for the concoction, granting either immediate or long-term benefits.

    If you brew this concoction using 1 action, choose a point within range. All normal plants in a 100-foot radius centered on that point become thick and overgrown. A creature moving through the area must spend 4 feet of movement for every 1 foot it moves. You can exclude one or more areas of any size within the concoction's area from being affected.

    If you brew this concoction over 8 hours, you enrich the land. All plants in a half-mile radius centered on a point within range become enriched for 1 year. The plants yield twice the normal amount of food when harvested. (Mutagen)

  • Temporary Zombification potion- (1 action. Consumed. The crusty tongue of a dead translator and a miniature soul. Lasts 10 minutes)

    You grant the semblance of life and intelligence to a corpse of your choice, allowing it to answer the questions you pose. The corpse must still have a mouth and can’t be undead. The concoction fails if the corpse was the target of this potion within the last 10 days. Until the effect ends, you can ask the corpse up to five questions. The corpse knows only what it knew in life, including the languages it knew. Answers are usually brief, cryptic, or repetitive, and the corpse is under no compulsion to offer a truthful answer if you are hostile to it or it recognizes you as an enemy. This concoction doesn’t return the creature’s soul to its body, only its animating spirit. Thus, the corpse can’t learn new information, doesn’t comprehend anything that has happened since it died, and can’t speculate about future events. (potion)

  • Dryad formula-  (1 action. Consumed. ground brain of a Dryad. Lasts 10 minutes)

    You imbue plants within 30 feet of you with limited sentience and animation, giving them the ability to communicate with you and follow your simple commands. You can question plants about events in the concoction's area within the past day, gaining information about creatures that have passed, weather, and other circumstances.

    You can also turn difficult terrain caused by plant growth (such as thickets and undergrowth) into ordinary terrain that lasts for the duration. Or you can turn ordinary terrain where plants are present into difficult terrain that lasts for the duration, causing vines and branches to hinder pursuers, for example.

    Plants might be able to perform other tasks on your behalf, at the DM’s discretion. The spell doesn’t enable plants to uproot them selves and move about, but they can freely move branches, tendrils, and stalks.

    If a plant creature is in the area, you can communicate with it as if you shared a common language, but you gain no magical ability to influence it.

    This concoction can cause the plants created by the entangle spell to release a restrained creature. (Mutagen)

  • Babel- (1 action. Consumed. Contains a ground down, tiny, golden, parasitic fish. Lasts 1 hour)

    This concoction grants the creature who drinks it the ability to understand any spoken language it hears. Moreover, when the target speaks, any creature that knows at least one language and can hear the target understands what it says. (Mutagen)

  • Daylight Potion- (1 action. Thrown/fired. Contains Fire elemental eye and feather of a lesser angel. Lasts 1 hour)

    A 60-foot-radius sphere of light spreads out from a point you choose within range. The sphere is bright light and sheds dim light for an additional 60 feet.

    If you chose a point on an object you are holding or one that isn’t being worn or carried, the light shines from the object and moves with it. Completely covering the affected object with an opaque object, such as a bowl or a helm , blocks the light.

    If any of this effect's area overlaps with an area of darkness created by a spell of 3rd level or lower, the spell that created the darkness is dispelled. (Potion)

  • Phase flask- (1 action. Consumed. Contains the crystal heart of a stone golem. Lasts 8 hours)

    You step into a stone object or surface large enough to fully contain your body, melding yourself and all the equipment you carry with the stone for the duration. Using your movement, you step into the stone at a point you can touch. Nothing of your presence remains visible or otherwise detectable by nonmagical senses.

    While merged with the stone, you can’t see what occurs outside it, and any Wisdom (Perception) checks you make to hear sounds outside it are made with disadvantage. You remain aware of the passage of time and can cast spells on yourself while merged in the stone. You can use your movement to leave the stone where you entered it, which ends the effect. You otherwise can’t move.

    Minor physical damage to the stone doesn’t harm you, but its partial destruction or a change in its shape (to the extent that you no longer fit within it) expels you and deals 6d6 bludgeoning damage to you. The stone’s complete destruction (or transmutation into a different substance) expels you and deals 50 bludgeoning damage to you. If expelled, you fall prone in an unoccupied space closest to where you first entered. (Mutagen)

  • Adrenaline shot- (1 action. Touch. Contains the adrenal gland of a giant spider.)

    You slam a huge needle into the chest of a creature that has died within the last minute. That creature returns to life with 1 hit point. This spell can’t return to life a creature that has died of old age, nor can it restore any missing body parts. (Potion)

  • Universal weapon Oil-  (1 Action. Touch. Contains salamander scale, copper, holy water, sapient tree wood. Lasts 1 hour)

    A non magical weapon you pour this concoction on becomes a magic weapon. Choose one of the following damage types: acid, cold, fire, lightning, or thunder. For the duration, the weapon has a +1 bonus to attack rolls and deals an extra 1d4 damage of the chosen type when it hits. At Higher Levels. When you brew this concoction using a slot of 5th or 6th level, the bonus to attack rolls increases to +2 and the extra damage increases to 2d4. When you use a slot of 7th level or higher, the bonus increases to +3 and the extra damage increases to 3d4. (Poison)

  • Firebomb- (1 action. Thrown/Fired. Contains petroleum, whale oil and nitroglycerine)

    You throw a blisteringly hot orb of tumultuous fire to a point within range and then blossoms with a low roar into an explosion of flame. Each creature in a 20-foot-radius sphere centered on that point must make a dexterity saving throw. A target takes 8d6 fire damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one.

    The fire spreads around corners. It ignites flammable objects in the area that aren't being worn or carried.

    At Higher Levels. When you brew this concoction using a slot of 4th level or higher, the damage increases by 1d6 for each slot level above 3rd. (Bomb)

  • Ghost serum- (Consumed. Contains a genie's lamp fragment and an air elemental' s essence. Lasts 1 hour)
    A creature that consumes this potion transforms along with everything it's wearing and carrying, into a misty cloud for the duration. The concoction ends if the creature drops to 0 hit points. An incorporeal creature isn't affected.
    While in this form, the target's only method of movement is a flying speed of 10 feet. The target can enter and occupy the space of another creature. The target has resistance to nonmagical damage, and it has advantage on Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution saving throws. The target can pass through small holes, narrow openings, and even mere cracks, though it treats liquids as though they were solid surfaces. The target can't fall and remains hovering in the air even when stunned or otherwise incapacitated.
    While in the form of a misty cloud, the target can't talk or manipulate objects, and any objects it was carrying or holding can't be dropped, used, or otherwise interacted with. The target can't attack or cast spells. (Potion)

  • Time displacement formula- (1 action. Thrown/Fired. Contains the cogs of a pocket watch. Lasts 1 minute)
    You create a glowing vial of purple chronal energy and loose it at a creature, which temporarily displaces them from the timestream. Choose a willing creature that you can see within range. Until the effect ends, the target’s speed is doubled, it gains a +2 bonus to AC, it has advantage on Dexterity saving throws, and it gains an additional action on each of its turns. That action can be used only to take the Attack (one weapon attack only), Dash, Disengage, Hide, or Use an Object action. When the concoction ends, the target can’t move or take actions until after its next turn, as a wave of lethargy sweeps over it. (potion)