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Banshee Talons 

Wondrous item, Legendary, requires attunement by a Chaotic Good, True Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, Neutral Evil or Chaotic Evil character.

This magic item takes the form of two gauntlets, too cumbersome to fit over the top of a gloved hand, linked via intricate tubing to an arcane canister on the back, who’s straps would neatly adjust over a breastplate, but would protrude from a cloak. While attuned to this curious device, a creature gains many mysterious abilities that straddle the line between light and darkness.


The Banshee Talons allow the wielder to briefly dematerialise into a plume of dark and inky smoke, granting them 3 uses of the Misty Step spell per day, recharging at dawn.

Vampiric Drain

The right hand of the Banshee Talons comprises a series of long claws carved from the teeth of vampires, set into an armature mesh of obsidian ringlets. In the palm of the hand sits a jagged and roughly cut ruby which faintly glows.
If a creature has an empty right hand, they may use the Vampiric Drain ability as a main action, detailed below:

Make a ranged weapon attack against one creature you can see within 30 feet. On a hit, the target takes 1D8+ your Charisma modifier as Necrotic damage as a torrent of negative energy drains the life from them. On each of your turns subsequently, provided you maintain concentration on your target and they remain within 30 feet of you by the time it comes to your turn in combat, you may deal 1D8 + your Charisma modifier as Necrotic damage again without having to roll to hit.

The Necrotic damage you deal to creatures through Vampiric Drain is stored in the backpack portion of the Banshee Talons and creates a pool of HP who’s maximum cannot exceed 5X your level (or your level in your highest class if you have multi-classed). This HP pool does not heal you, but can be used to power other abilities of the Banshee Talons. This pool of HP gradually diminishes over time, resetting to 0 after a long rest.

Celestial Flair

The left hand of the Banshee Talons houses the eye of a unicorn, preserved perfectly within amber. Unlike its sister, this gauntlet is inlayed with delicate gold and mithril patterns.
If a creature has an empty left hand, they may use the Celestial Flair ability as a main action. detailed below:

One willing creature within 30 feet may be healed by the flair as a mist of golden energy closes their wounds and revitalises their souls. To use this ability, you must spend your HP pool, gathered via the Vampiric Drain ability. You may spend as little or as much of the HP you have gathered in this way in one action, but once the pool is depleted, Celestial Flair cannot be used again, until more HP has been drained into the backpack.

Chaotic Orb

The Banshee talons are a natural spring of radiant and necrotic energy, and don’t exclusively require the user to gather a pool of energy to heal nearby allies, but the energy that it generates takes time to replenish. As a main action on your turn, a user may unleash a ball of violently undulating energy, which can either be restorative or damaging in nature. This ability may be used once, recharging after a long rest.

You hurl a 5 foot sphere of either Necrotic or Radiant energy (your choice at the moment of releasing the orb) in a straight line in front of you. The orb travels a total distance of 90 feet originating from you. If the orb hits a surface, it bounces in a random direction away from the surface, and continues it’s straight line until it has moved a total of 90 feet (You may wish to roll a D4 to determine its direction, 1=North, 2=South, 3=West, 4=East etc). It repeats this random behaviour for every surface in its path, but it passes harmlessly through creatures of any kind.

Energy radiates from the orb in an aura with a 30 foot radius. At any point along its path, you may banish the orb to distribute the energy of the type you chose upon release to affect creatures within this 30 foot radius. If you chose a Radiant orb, all creatures within the aura at the moment of banishment regain 2D6+ your Charisma modifier as hit points. If you chose a Necrotic orb, all creatures within the aura at the moment of banishment must make a DC 15 Dexterity Saving throw, taking 5D6 + your Charisma Modifier as Necrotic damage on a failed attempt or half as much if they pass.


If a critical hit is scored while using the Vampiric Drain ability, or if a creature is killed via Vampiric Drain or Chaotic Orb, then the Banshee Talons gain a charge of Coalescence. Only 3 charges of Coalescence can be held at any time, and they do not dissipate until used, but they also do not regenerate in any other way. A Coalescence change can be used to perform the Coalescence ability as a main action, detailed below:

A beam of searing energy, laced with spirals of shadow form a line 100 feet long and 5 foot wide, blasting forth from you in a direction you choose. Enemies in the line must make a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw. A creature takes 6D8 + your Charisma modifier as Necrotic damage on a failed save or half as much on a success. Up to 5 allies in the path of the beam receive 4D8 + your Charisma modifier as healing.