This class path is chosen at monk level 3. The idea of this path is to imbue the user with limitless magical energy that they have little knowledge of, but through discipline and mindfulness, can master. The theme of this is a super-soldier...created to perhaps defend the wizard that granted this monk power. To this end, I chose to presume that the magic could be drawn upon from tattoos that cover the user's body. If you choose to incorporate this class into your game, feel free to invent your own reasoning for the power, but as this class does not use Intelligence to draw upon it's arcane power, you will want to come up with some reason for their lack of magical knowledge, but great magical power!

Path features:

You learn to draw upon the arcane symbols and writings covering your body. When you focus your “ki” you can harness these powers to augment your survivability or destructive potential.

When you choose this tradition at 3rd Level, you learn to cast potent spells which are detailed below.
You cast these spells without somatic or verbal components. To start with, you learn 1 wizard cantrip of your choice and two of the tattoo spells from the list below. You learn to unlock another tattoo ability of your choice at 6th, 11th and 17th level. Your casting ability for all spells is Wisdom.
Whenever you unlock the power of a tattoo, you can replace a spell that you already know with a new one that you have access to if you so choose.
When you reach 5th level, you may spend additional Ki points to increase the level of a spell that you are casting, provided that the spell has an enhanced effect at higher levels. The Spell’s level increases per Ki point that you expend. The maximum number of ki points that you can expend in this way is determined by your monk level. 5th-8th can spend a maximum of 3 ki increasing a spell’s power. 9th-12th can spend 4. 13th-16th can spend 5, and 17th-20th can spend 6.

Tattoo abilities:
1) Stoneskin lvl 11 required 5 ki points “A thin barrier of magical energy surrounds you, covering you in a faint glow as all of your tattoos illuminate. Unless struck with potent magic, you’ll barely feel a scratch in combat”

2) Counterspell level 6 required 3 ki points “The magic circle on your chest hums into life. A nearby spell’s potency is drawn towards it and vanishes into another dimension”

3) Detect magic 1 ki point “Your eyes flare, opening a gateway to realms unseen by mortal men…magic makes itself known to you”

4) Eldrich blast 2 ki points “You feel rage build inside you, until you can barely contain it. Two piercing streams of concentrated arcane energy spill from your eyes, vaporizing your foes”

5) Fly lvl 6 required…4 ki points “Tattoos on your hands and feet crackle with a pale light as fragments of stone and motes of dust reverse the pull of gravity around you. You take their lead and defy gravity”

6) False life 2 ki points “A force field surrounds you, causing you to audibly crackle with magical energy”

7) Jump 2 ki points “A taste of things to come. The tattoos on your joints speed you on your way into, or away from trouble”

8) Levitate Level 6 required 3 Ki points “Glyphs on your hands and forehead flare with pure magical energy…gravity is your play thing”

9) Magic weapon (on hands or weapons) 2 ki points “Magic circles on your hands flare like stars…in them, anything is a weapon”.  For the duration of this spell, you may use your Wis stat in the place of Strength for Strength checks and saving throws.

10) Scorching ray Level 6 required 3 ki points required “You unleash the destructive force of pure arcane energy from your eyes, carving a burning ray into the fray”

11) Shield 2 ki points “Your blinding speed kicks in at just the right moment for you to extend your natural force field to a sphere around you…now obvious for the world to see, your attacker’s strike crashes over you like a wave on the shore”

12) Sunbeam Level 11 required 5 ki points “Your eyes glow for a few seconds…absorbing all the magical energy that they can drink in from their surroundings, and unleash a tide of apocalyptic force onto your foes”

13) Telekinesis Level 17 required…6 ki points “Shape the battlefield how you see fit…you are the master of reality”

14) True seeing Level 17 required…5 ki points “Your eyes see all…the spells, tricks or even physical obstructions in your path are simply laughable to your vision”


Be the super hero your monk deserves to be! (Artwork provided by Joshua Simmonds)