Below is a standard pricing guide for our model painting and assembly service. These prices are subject to change but we will always try to keep this page as up to date as possible if changes need to be made.
Many of the prices appear as part of a "deal" where one price is set for a number of models. If you would like a number of models painted below the number required to meet this price, just let us know via email.
If you would like to use our services, we ask that we are able to use photos or videos that we take of your models during the painting process for our social media.
We always strive to make sure that your models arrive safe and sound to you after we've finished painting and assembling them, but if we are sending them through the postal service then we cannot guarantee their safety (but we'll do our best).

Heroforge miniature: £40

This service is for those wanting a single roleplaying miniature painted. This painting service includes no additional assembly, but will include a basing of grass, stone or snow flock if the character does not already have some kind of base.
We recommend custom designing your character at Heroforge and sending us a detailed character description so that we can capture the likeness of your imagination!

Army leader: £40

These include HQ's Heroes, Independent characters, whoever is the center point of your army, leading their forces into battle. We usually want to spend a little more effort and time to make your character shine and stand out among their troops. If your army leader is a huge monster or a robot etc, something larger than the conventional 30mm scale figure, you'll want to refer to the large creature section for a cost.

10+ models 30mm Scale: £10 per model

For your troops on the ground, the scouts of your army or noble knights that trudge through the battlefield. You're going to have plenty of them, so you want them to look like a cohesive army, but not outshine the splendor of your army leader. For fewer models, just send me an email and we can work through the details.

5+ Mounted units and moderate sized creatures: £20 per model

This category includes bikers, cavalry, and models that fit into that range between your standard 30mm height ground troop and the larger vehicles and monsters. For everything that needs to blend in with your army while still standing small enough to not eclipse your more devastating wargear. For fewer models that still fit into this category, just send us an email and we can work through the details.

Vehicles and large models: £70

Vehicles take a little more care, and may need other techniques and weathering effects to do them justice, similarly with things like giant creatures and huge automatons we will want to work really hard to make them pop!

Huge models: £200

For those titanic models that cast a shadow over the game board. These take a huge amount of effort and time and very rarely make an appearance. You need every facet and feature detailed as much as possible, and we can't wait to help you achieve the glory that these models deserve.


Model Assembly: £1-20

You might want to simply send us the unassembled kit(s) of your models to make on your behalf. This is recommended as it allows us to get the best possible paint job for your models, reaching all the nooks and crannies that would otherwise be hard to reach. This also ensures that we'll remove all resin mold lines, drill holes in gun barrels etc. Model kits differ in complexity immensely, so putting a price on such a task is difficult, but we've broken the cost down into the following:

  • Blister packs: £1

  • Up to 10 30mm scale models: £10

  • Up to 5 mounted models or mid-sized creatures (like bikers, cavalry, wolf riders etc): £10

  • Large model or any vehicle: £10

  • Huge Model (like titans): £20

Custom Sculpting: £1-10 per model

Sometimes the standard model kit won't quite be enough! You may want your models in an unusual pose, or to have something completely different, like our transparent insect wings in the image above. It's hard to judge how much time and work will go into building your vision for your miniatures but depending on the extent of work required, we charge anywhere from £1 for things like cloaks, tabards and hoods to £10 for for things like the transparent wings and other extensive modifications per model.

By and large we have the materials to make anything you'd like but occasionally we will recommend that you purchase some excellent 3rd party parts from online stores like Puppets War, Scribor, or Kromlech miniatures to complete the task.

Magnetisation: £1 per magnet

Sometimes having a figure in a set pose won't quite do the trick. If you'd like your figures built. Maybe you want to be able to swap and change between different weapon or armour options between games, or simply make your models more safe to travel. If this is the case, we can magnetise your models so that you can make the most of them!

Advanced Bases: £1 per base

All figures painted by us will come with a free flock base of your choice of grass, rock, sand or snow as standard, so that you can play with them right away in tournaments. However, if you'd really like your models to stand out on the battlefield, we can work with you to devise a custom theme for your army's bases and really give them the wow factor.
You can go for anything from a frozen wasteland complete with transparent icicles, a living mass of alien bio-tendrils and eggs, the bloody skulls of fallen foes, city-scapes, to realistic looking mud and sewer systems. The sky is the limit!...literally...we've not figured out how to have hovering models yet...