Now...noone's saying that you've soiled least not to your face. Your smell is so distracting that not only does it affect your social skills, but in combat, your foes will often choose to fight someone else or simply be distracted when you are within smelling range. You may obviously choose your stench...perhaps you smoke or drink too much and reek of whisky or tobacco, but either way the effect is the same:

  • You loose -2 charisma, but may add your Proficiency bonus to your AC when in close combat with someone.

  • You gain advantage to dexterity saving throws in combat.

  • Once per long rest you may allow a foe to get a powerful gust from whatever it is that causes your smell if they are within 20 feet of you. They must pass a constitution saving throw against your combined D20 roll +proficiency bonus + your highest stat or be forced to attack someone else instead.