When ancient wood elves developed magical gates into the Feywilds, they found a previously unheard of connection to nature. Gradually their species would adapt and evolve in the land of the Fey, becoming creatures of flora rather than fauna. Their muscles , blood and tendons giving way to bark, leaves, petals and chlorophyll.

These rarely seen nymphs feel more closely connected to plants than flesh and blood creatures, and rarely leave the Feywilds. However, their inherent inquisitive nature sees them occasionally check up on the material world, to look after it's denizens.

Dryad traits

Ability score increase

Your Wisdom score increases by 2.


With such a strong connection to the power of life it's self, not even the Dryad know if they can die of old age. This curiosity surrounding their possible mortality drives many to become potent necromancers. Dryads are free to leave the Feywild, but tend not to do so until they reach maturity at the age of roughly 100 years whereby others of their species will refer to them as "ripened". Prior to this age Dryads refer to themselves as "saplings", even though Dryads are born fully grown from enormous seed pods, with all of their mental faculties.


Just like their Elvish ancestors, Dryads embrace curiosity, whimsy, freedom of expression and emotion. As a result, they tend to air on the side of chaotic. They are more often good than not, valuing life and nature above all other things.


Dryads range from 4-6 feet tall and your size is "Medium".


Your base walking speed is 30 feet.


You do not need to sleep to rest. provided that you are in sunlight, you grow thin roots into the earth and drink in the sun's rays. You remain semiconscious for 2 hours. During this time, you draw in enough nutrients, that would give you the equivalent of a human's 8 hours of sleep. If there is a roof over your head or you choose to sleep at night, you must long rest as any other creature.


As a creature constructed of highly flammable materials, you have vulnerability to fire damage.

Fey Ancestry

You have advantage on saving throws against being charmed, and magic can't put you to sleep.

Fey Step

You can cast the Misty Step spell once using this trait. You regain this ability to do so when you finish a short or long rest.

Mask of the wild

You can attempt to hide even when you are only lightly obscured by foliage, heavy rain, falling snow, mist and other natural phenomena.


You know Sylvan, Elvish and Common. In addition, once per short or long rest, you may cast Talk with plants without the cost of s spell slot.


The Dryads organise themselves based on the season in which they are born, taking on traits; both physical and mental, which reflect this. They divide the seasons into "courts" which govern regions of the Feywilds which reflect these seasons.

Spring Court

Dryad born in the spring are usually covered in vibrant, colourful flowers and leaves of all shapes. They are well known for giving off rich fragrances which alchemists often bottle into perfumes.

Ability score increase

You gain +1 Charisma.


Your body is covered in sweet berries, which you can pick harmlessly and provide to allies to aid them. Once per short or long rest, you can cast Goodberry.

Intoxicating fragrance

Once per short or long rest you may unleash a pheromone cloud, allowing you to cast Charm person.

Summer court

Usually hotheaded and quick to rush in to trouble, Dryads born in the summer sport rich green leaves, and are most at home in the baking heat of the sun.

Ability score increase

You gain +1 Intelligence.

Extreme photosynthesisors

Used to the sweltering heat of summers in the Feywild, you are resistant to radiant damage.

Solar radiance

You learn the Dancing lights cantrip.

Autumn Court

These Dryad feel most at home at sunset or when they are ankle deep in mud. Their leaves and petals take on rich, burnt umber, terracotta and amber hues.

Ability score increase

You gain +1 Dexterity.

Fortitude of fall

Your body is hardy to the decay that most plants feel. Death after all is just another part of life. You gain resistance to Necrotic damage.

Decay expert

You are so in tune with the natural processes of mulching and putrefaction that once per long or short rest you may cast Detect poison and Disease.

Winter Court

Generally growing cooler colours of bark, like navy blue's or pearly white, these Dryad enjoy the darkness and frost-bitten fjords of the world.

Ability score increase

You gain +1 Constitution.

Frozen hardyness

Used to the hardships of winter, Winter court Dryad are resistant to frost damage.


Once per short or long rest, you may cast the Chill touch cantrip.