Prestige Prerequisites

  • Character must be an elf of some description

  • Character must have reached level 3 in at least 1 class

  • Character must have at least Charisma 13 and Dexterity 13

  • Character must embark on a quest set my the DM to attain knowledge of this class. The features of this quest must include the character: Harvesting the soul, or souls of a demon(s), becoming ceremonially tattooed as a binding ritual for their power, binding the souls of a demon to their own and ceremonially gouging out their own eyes.

Creating a Demon Hunter

You are forever part beast and part elf, battling with the power your now contain. You have plucked your eyes from your own head and poured a demon's soul inside which has caused you to take on demonic traits like scaily skin, horns, and demonic fel-fire spewing from your gaping eye holes or from wounds and scars elsewhere on your body. You have bound yourself with ritual tattoos to contain the swelling rage and dark thoughts that bombard your mind, but you constantly wrestle to contain a naturally evil power that could consume you at any moment.

When creating a Demon Hunter, think about the sacrifices that you have had to give to achieve your power. You cross the line between demon and mortal, and have given up ever being accepted into any society for the sake of saving the world. Your hatred of demons is so great that you were willing to mutilate and transform your body beyond recognition, if it means achieving the power to rid the world of them forever.
What could have driven your character to such desperate lengths? Are they simply obsessed with power, or do they care more about others than themselves?

Class Features

Hit Points

Hit dice: 1D8 per Demon Hunter Level
Hit points at 1st level: 8+ your Constitution mod
Hit points at Higher Levels: 1D8+ your Con mod per Demon Hunter level after 1st


Armour: Light armour
Weapons: Warglaives, Simple weapons, Shortswords, Scimitars, Longswords, Battleaxes.
Tools: None
Saving Throws: Dexterity, Charisma
Skills: Choose four from Intimidation, Perception, Survival, Arcana, Stealth, Acrobatics, Religion


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment that you attained before you prestiged:

  • (a) Two warglaives or (b) two simple weapons

  • (a) A set of simple clothes, or(b) a bandana to cover your empty eye holes


In battle, you can choose to unleash your full demonic power, transforming your already monstrous appearance into a hulking, winged monstrosity. On your turn, you can transform as a bonus action.

While transformed, you gain the following benefits if you aren't wearing heavy or medium armour:

  • You count as a Demon where all spells (i.e. glyph of warding) are concerned and grow to the height of 7-8 feet.

  • You have advantage on Strength checks and Strength saving throws

  • You have advantage on all Intimidation checks

  • When you make a melee weapon attack, you gain a bonus to the damage roll that increases as you gain levels as a Demon Hunter, as shown in the "Demonic Damage" column of the Demon Hunter table

  • You have resistance to Bludgeoning, piercing, slashing and fire damage from non-magical means

Your Metamorphosis lasts for 1 minute. It ends early if you are knocked unconscious or if your turn ends and you haven't attacked a hostile creature since your last turn or taken damage since then. You can also end your Metamorphosis on your turn as a bonus action.
Once you have transformed the number of times shown for your Demon Hunter level in the "Metamorphosis" column of the Demon Hunter table, you must finish a long rest before you can transform again.

Transformed Body

Your demonically enhanced body, although grotesque to look at comes with some serious advantages. While you are not wearing any armour, your Armour Class equals 10+ your Dexterity mod+ your Charisma mod.

Spectral sight

Your eyes may be burning pits of fire, but where your old organic sight is gone, you have been gifted with an entirely new way to see! Starting at 1st level, you count as having "Blindsight" up to 60 feet, which cannot be hindered by darkness of vision impairing effects. This also cancels a Dark elf's Sunlight Sensitivity. You can see in 360 degrees with this attribute, but anything outside those 60 feet counts as invisible to you. You will be able to see a Demon even through walls or if it appears disguised to those with conventional vision.
You will grow more accustomed to your new vision over time granting you increased skill. At 10th Level you count as constantly having the spell "Detect Magic" active within your 60 foot vision.


Starting at 2nd Level, you can throw aside all concern for your own well being to attack with the full rage of the demon within you. When you make your first attack on your turn, you can decide to make a Sacrifice attack. Doing so gives you advantage on melee attack rolls during this turn, but attack rolls against you have advantage until your next turn.


Beginning at 2nd Level, you have gained significant experience studying, hunting and tracking demons. When it comes to demons or their creations, you have advantage Wisdom (survival) checks to track them as well as Intelligence checks to recall information about them.
When you gain this feature, you also learn one language of your choice that is spoken by demons, i.e. Demonic, abyssal etc.

Demonic Path

At 3rd level, you choose a path that best represents the type of demon who's soul powers your fighting skill. Choose the path of Havoc or the Path of Vengeance, both detailed at the end of the class description. Your choice grants you features at 3rd level and again at 6th, 10th, and 14th Levels.

Ability score Improvement

When you reach 4th level, and again at 8th, 12th, 16th and 19th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. As normal, you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.

Extra attack

Beginning at 5th level, you can attack twice, instead of once, whenever you take the Attack action on your turn.

Fast movement

Beginning at 5th level, your speed increases by 10 feet while you aren't wearing medium or heavy armour.


At 6thyou have learned to temporarily transform your body, allowing you to form temporary wings on your back as a reaction when you fall to reduce any falling damage you take by an amount equal to five times your Demon Hunter level.

Unleashed Monstrosity

By 7th level, you have such control over your Metamorphosis that the wings you grow in this form grant you the effects of the "Fly" spell while transformed.

Brutal Critical

Beginning at 9th level, you can roll one additional weapon damage die when determining the extra damage for a critical hit with a melee attack.
This increases to two additional dice at 13th level and three additional dice at 17th level.

Double jump

At 11th level, you may cast the "Jump" spell on yourself once per short rest.

Persistent Metamorphosis

beginning at 15th level, your Metamorphosis is so honed that it ends early, only if you fall unconscious or if you choose to end it.

Twisting Nether

By 18th level, you are completely bound to your demon soul. Demon's cannot truly die unless fought and killed in their own dimension, the "twisting Nether", and now, just like them, neither can you. If you are killed, and your body is not completely destroyed, your soul is capable of returning to it. Provided you are not killed by a cleric/paladin, someone else wielding a holy artifact or deified magic, and your corpse is not being held in sanctified ground; after death, you must wait D10 days, as your soul wanders the ethereal plane in search of a suitable vehicle.
After this period, roll a D6, and one of the following effects will occur:

1. You spend your time in the twisting nether battling with your demon, two soul clashing sadly, they banish you to that wicked realm and take possession of your body. They will seek to do harm and are of the Evil alignment, but will need to be subtle about it. They must not arouse suspicion as they inhabit your body, but you are now the one thing you despise and will always try to help malice and evil long as it won;t blow your cover. 2. What you have seen has shaken you to your core. You cannot stop muttering to yourself about "the horror" and gain disadvantage on stealth checks and initiative rolls. 3. You cannot find your way back to your own body, and rather than loose yourself, you choose to embody another creature. Roll a random gender and race on the "Reincarnation" chart. 4. You return, but a demonic presence has taken interest in you. A small imp becomes your familiar, but does not always obey your commands. 5. You return as if nothing happened. A few days bed rest and you'll be as good as new.  6. Your journey to the twisting nether has only strengthened your connection to the fel. You gain 100 exp per day that you were traveling.

You are Prepared

At 20th level, you are now so infused with demonic power that you constantly take on the appearance of your metamorphic form, granting you all the features of this form except for the bonus damage. Your Strength and constitution scores increase by 4, and your maximum for those scores is now 24.

Demonic paths:

The type of demon who's power you draw on for your skills and powers determines the way your powers manifest. Although any number of demons may have been the soul that you harvested, these fall into two rough categories; Havoc and Vengeance demons. Havoc demons wreak destruction upon the world, destroying everything in sight with a mix of fel magic and combat speed, where as Vengeance demons, are usually slower, titanic demons that draw a lot of fire but can take impressive amounts of damage, only to deal it back in return.

Path of Havoc

Fel power

When you choose this demonic archetype at 3rd level, you learn specific abilities powered by the burning fel flame within you. these moves are fueled by special dice called fel dice.
Fel strikes. You learn three attacks of your choice, which are detailed under "fel strikes" below. Many strikes enhance an attack in some way. You can use only one strike per attack.
You learn additional strikes at 6th, 10th, and 14th level. Each time you learn a new fel strike, you can replace one you know with a different one.
Fel Dice. You have four fel dice. which are D8's. A fel die is expended when you use it. You regain all of your expended fel dice when you finish a short or long rest. you gain another fel die at 6th level and one at 14th level.
Saving throws. Some of your fel strikes require your target to make a saving throw to resist the strike's effects. The saving throw DC is calculated as follows:
            Fel Strike save DC = 8+ your proficiency bonus + your charisma mod.

Improved Spectral sight

Starting at 6th level , if you spend at least 1 minute observing or interacting with another creature outside combat, you can learn certain information about its capabilities compared to your own. The DM tells you if the creature is your equal, superior, or inferior in regard to two of the following characteristics of your choice:

  • Strength score

  • Dexterity score

  • Constitution score

  • Armour class

  • Current hit points

  • Total Class levels (if any)

Demon Blades

At 10th level, your Fel dice turn into D10s. at 18th level, they turn into D12s.

the illidari cannot be stopped

Starting at 14th level, when you roll initiative and have no fel dice remaining, you regain 1 fel dice.

Fel Strikes

  • Blade dance. By expending one fel dice, you may elect to attempt to strike multiple opponents at once. You may make a normal weapon attack against all enemies within 5 feet of your starting position as you dash between them at lightning speed, attacking all of your foes.

  • Blind Fury. You may expend a fel dice to cast the "Hellish Rebuke" spell.

  • Blur. You can spend one fel dice to move at super human speeds. Until the start of your next turn, all attacks against you are made with disadvantage.

  • Chaos Cleave. When you successfully hit a target with a melee weapon, you may spend one fel dice to attempt to strike an additional target within 5 feet of the original. If you hit this target successfully, this second target takes your fel dice roll as fire damage.

  • Chaos Nova. You spend a fel dice to send an explosive wave of fel energy to all enemies around you. All targets within 10 feet of you must make a Constitution saving throw and take one fel dice worth of fire damage, and are stunned until your next turn. If they pass this saving throw, they only take half as much damage and are not stunned. The DC for this saving throw is 8+ your Charisma modifier + your proficiency bonus.

  • Darkness. You may spend one fel dice to cast the "Darkness" spell, centered on yourself.

  • Demon's bite. When you make a weapon attack roll against a creature, you can expend one fel dice to add it to the roll. You can use this strike before or after making the attack roll, but before any effects of the attack are applied.

  • Demon Blades. You may spend a fel dice to imbue your weapon with fel magic, causing your fel dice worth of fire damage in addition to your weapon damage on a successful melee attack.

  • Eye beam. You spend your fel dice and unleash a 5 by 30 ft line of corrupted flame from your hollow eye sockets. All creatures in this line must make a Dexterity saving throw and take 2D6 fire damage on a failed save or half as much if the pass. The DC for this saving throw is 8+ your Charisma modifier + your proficiency bonus.
    The damage increases to 3D6 at 6th level, 4D6 at 11lth level, and 5D6 at 16th level.

  • Fel Barrage. You spend one fel dice to cast the "Magic missile" spell dealing fire damage.

  • Fel Blade. You expend one fel dice to leap 10 feet towards and opponent and roll to attack with your main hand weapon. If successful, you then add the fel dice to the damage roll.

  • Fel Rush. You expend a fel dice to charge 30 feet in a straight line. Any targets in that line must make a dexterity saving throw or take your fel dice roll as damage. If they pass, they take half as much damage. The DC for this saving throw is 8+ your Charisma modifier + your proficiency bonus.

  • Nemesis. You expend one fel dice to cast the spell "True Strike".

  • Nether Walk. You expend a fel dice to cast the "Misty step" spell.

  • Throw Glaive. You can expend one fel die to throw your main hand weapon at a creature within 30 feet. Roll your normal weapon attack and add your fel dice to the damage. This attack forces the attacked creature to drop one item of your choice that it is holding. The target makes a strength saving throw. On a failed save, it drops the object you choose, which lands at it's feet. Your main hand weapon returns to you at the end of your turn.

  • Vengeful retreat. You expend a fel dice, exploding the ground underneath you with fel energy. All creatures within 5 feet of you must roll a Dexterity saving throw or take one fel dice worth of damage. If a creature passes their dexterity saving throw, they take half as much damage. You are then thrown 10 feet in a direction of your choosing. This counts as a disengage action.

Path of Vengeance

Shattered souls

Your weapon attacks carve into an opponent's soul, leaving fragments of it in the air which can be used to regenerate your health. When you choose this specialization at 3rd level, you can feed on the latent suffering in the atmosphere caused by combat. On your turn, you can use a bonus action to regain hitpoints equal to D10+your Demon Hunter level.
Once you use this ability , you must finish a short or long rest before you can use it again.

In addition, whenever you critically hit with a combat weapon, you regain health equal to your a single damage dice of the weapon that achieved this roll. This number does not include your proficiency bonus or stats.

Immolation aura

When you reach 6th level, using your "Sacrifice" ability, listed above causes you to erupt into nightmarish fel flames all over your body. During this time, if an opponent hits you in close combat, they must make a Constitution saving throw. The DC for this saving throw is 8+ your Charisma modifier + your proficiency bonus. If they fail this save, they take 2D6 fire damage, or half as much if they pass.

Sigils of vengeance

At 10th level, you learn to hone your fel magic to weave complex glyphs anywhere within 60 feet of you as a main action.  These glyps occupy a 10 foot radius and are activated if anyone steps within that radius. These sigils fade after 10 minutes or if you choose to dismiss them as a bonus action and emit a faint glow for the duration. You may cast one sigil per short rest and your options are as follows:

  • Sigil of Chains: Causes the spell "Hold Monster" or "Hold Person" to cast it's self centered on the sigil. You must decide which spell is cats when making the sigil.

  • Sigil of Flames: Causes the spell "Fireball" to erupt from the point of the sigil's origin.

  • Sigil of Silence: Causes the spell "Silence" to be cast on all creatures that enter the sigil.

    The DC for any saving throw involved is 8+ your Charisma modifier + your proficiency bonus.

Demon Spikes

When you reach 14th level, your metamorphic form takes on enormous spiked plates and barbed skin which only protects you further. When you transform into your metamorphosis form, you may add your Constitution modifier to your Armour class.