How to Order a Commission

That's super simple. Just send an email to and we can get started booking your custom illustration!

What do you offer?

I offer a few different services to help bring your fantasy characters or world to life:

Full Character Illustration: £65 ($86.79)

Whether you're a player with a character you'd love to see illustrated or a Dungeon Master who would love to see the party's favourite NPC realised, this option is the one for you! I'll work to capture the essence of your character and work with you to get to know their personality and style, so you can walk away with an illustration that not only looks like your character, but feels like them too.

Tiny Bust.jpg

Character Bust: £35 ($46.73)

Sometimes you can discover more about a character's personality from the expression on their face than you can from them casting a spell or slaying goblins.

A slightly more limited illustration compared to the full character portrait; this illustration captures the head and shoulders of your character and would fit nicely on a character sheet! This does not include a full scene, but may be a more cost effective option for those that would love to see their character!

Full Party Illustration: £50 ($66.76) per character

There's no better way to celebrate a long campaign than to gift the rest of your group with an image of your exploits and the characters that have had you laughing, screaming and crying through dungeons. This type of commission covers the whole adventuring party and may take a while, but it's worth it to capture all the nuances of each character and how they interact with each-other. I'll work with you and your group to devise a scene that best displays how your team work together, whether that's all of you elbow deep in Kobold meat, having a laugh at the local tavern, or simply standing triumphant before a more muted background.

old team.jpg
albionoria tiny.jpg

Map Dawing: £40 ($55)

Are you a DM, or really want to commission a great present for the world-builder of your group? I can design custom maps from the scale of a town to a whole world! Whatever works for your campaign. If you let me know how you'd like to fill your world, I'll illustrate it for you.

Dungeon Maps: £40 ($55)

Would you like to have a particularly memorable dungeon captured forever in an illustration? Maybe you'd like a map for your players to discover in game, or you're tired of random dungeon generators and you'd like something more personal to work with? Just let me know how you'd like your dungeon to feel and what you'd like your players to expect and I'll draw one up for you. As for what treasure and monsters they'll find, that's all up to you!

dungeon map tiny.jpg

Magic Item Illustration: £30 ($40.06)

Having a hard time describing the visual intricacies of that homebrew magic item you've just come up with to your players? Did you once wield an amazingly fun item and you'd love to have it immortalised as an illustration? Just describe it to me and we can work together to forge a drawing!

Physical Prints?

All of the prices listed above have digital prints in mind, but any of these can be printed on high quality archival paper, ready to be framed and put on your wall. This increases the cost a bit based on size as well as shipping fees for this illustration to reach you from here in the UK.

I'll send your print (or prints) in a card backed envelope to avoid any damage in transit, so you can rest happily knowing that your illustration won't be bent or folded in half...unless some print goblins find it on its way to you!

A4 and below (8.27 × 11.69 inches): £3 ($4.01) + Postage

A3 (11.7 x 16.5 inches): £5 ($6.68) + Postage

What if I'd like something that's not listed above?

Don't worry about it! Fire an email my way and see if it's something that I can manage and we might be able to work something out. There's no harm in checking!

How Does the Commission Process Work?

All you need to do is send me an email and describe roughly what you're looking for.

Following this, I'll send you a list of questions to help me better get to know your character, your magic item (or, what have you), and a contract to sign regarding the nature of the commission and what our expectations should be.

Then you can either pay the whole commission fee up front, or half at the beginning and half at the end (whichever seems like less hassle to you).


Once I've started, I'll use the information that you've filled out and our conversations via email to make a sketch of what I'm going to draw and I'll send it back to you. At this stage, it's really important to let me know if you'd like anything changed or altered. You can even ask me to scrap the sketch and start again. This early into the design, it's not a problem at all.

Following your approval of the sketch, I'll get to work on the linework, shading and colouring. It's important to note that after the initial sketch, it's really difficult to change the composition of the image, so I won't be able to alter much aside from the colour choices. If you'd like me to start again after we've agreed on the sketch, it will be more like embarking on a new project and costs may rise to meet the increased work.


I'll send you a link to download your snazzy new illustration or pop it in the post!

What can I do with the Commission Once I get it?

You can use the drawing for personal things like printing them on mugs, teeshirts or canvases for your personal use. You can use them for profile pictures or post them on social media and things like that, although I would ask that you credit me in those cases and nudge people back to Arcane Forge.
What you can't do is to use my work for commercial purposes, or sell something that I've created for you; like putting my illustrations on mugs or teeshirts that you then intend to put up for sale, or to print images that I've worked on, on things like posters or fliers that you intend to distribute. 

If you'd like to use my work for commercial products, or to sell on, just shoot me an email, and we can negotiate a different kind of contract,